Black History Parade
10 Feb 2013
  49 blocks

Children walk 49 block to raise pennies for Africa
06 Aug 2012
  On Saturday, June 9th after months of planning and despite over 100 murders in the city of Chicago, our youth came together and marched 49 blocks down 63rd street in the hottest day of the year to demand peace. While demanding peace they also helped us raise over $217.00 in pennies to help Mother Africa. It was a beautiful event that culminated at 63rd & Stewart with food, music, and a live discussion on how to move forward. Special thanks to Rage and the dance group from 65th & Damen.

Every Friday is Seniors Day in America
06 Jul 2012
  On Friday, March 22, 2012; we hosted a luncheon to feed our elders and to pay tribute to all those born in the 1920's.

NBCU Demands an Apology from Chicago's 14th Ward Alderman
06 Jul 2012
  2/3 of Chicago under siege

Youth work to catch a killer in Chicago's Village 2003
23 Dec 2011
  Youth helping to track down the killers of a 45 yr old security guard at Aldi's in Village 2003. October 2011. Village 1507, Village 5201, Village 3900, Village 3658, and Village 29152 all deployed.

Chicago youth help 60620
23 Dec 2011
  Youth from Village all over Chicago deployed to assist two block parties and they were succesful in getting adults to donate the $1.00 a month we live off of. Great job Village 3601 - Village 29152- Village 3658.

NBCU seeks lawyers to help combat Chicago's violence
19 Aug 2011
  On Tuesday, August 30, 2011, from 7-8pm NBCU's Lawyer's Club will be conducting a mock trial regarding a former alderman suing the city.

NBCU needs 20 vans to combat the violence
19 Aug 2011
  With 20 Chicago zip codes ready to move troops around, we do not have the actual vehicles. Help us today by donating toward our transportation infrastructure.

Chicago Youth Cleaning Up
23 Mar 2011
  Every Saturday, our youth are out and about cleaning up the city and earning community service hours. To sign your youth up call us at 1 800 861-6541.

Win a trip to Miami, Florida for helping us raise $1.00 a month
23 Mar 2011
  Help stop the violence in Chicago and travel to Miami in the process. NBCU has asked for $1.00 a month for the last 10 years but this year we are adding some spice to it. Secure just 100 people to donate $12.00 for the year and you will receive 2 airplane tickets and 1 hotel for helping us raise $1,200.00.

Chicago teens prepare for Atlanta Deployment
04 Mar 2011
  Chicago's leadership has begun reaching out to District 3's council member; Ivory Lee Young Jr. to develop a working relationship to ensure youth are given the opportunity to broaden their perspective on life through traveling to Chicago, Illinois and Gary, Indiana.

Syron on NPR News with Dick Gordon
31 Aug 2010
  28 days of no violence was a joke by area leaders and pastors.

Wild Wild West in Chicago
03 Apr 2010
  Shots fired while police on the scene in Chicago's Village 3657. Mayor
Daley must go.

Village 2107 has the citywide essay winner
19 Mar 2010
  Samaiya Butler (6th grade) of Chicago's Village 2107 was the nationwide winner of the February 2010 essay contest.

Chicago unit deploys to Atlanta
19 Mar 2010
  From Chicago's Village 2803- 2816 and Village 2908 will be heading to Atlanta's Village 1400 to conduct WRT operations. That is work recreation and training operations over the March 20th weekend.

Village 3661 Post Citywide Essay Winner
15 Feb 2010
  7th grader was the only student to submit an essay for the month of January 2010, so she won the entire award of $100.00. The essay topic every January is "why I love and appreciate good community churches".

NBCU prepares for Roseland Summit
15 Feb 2010
  Governor Charlene Davis of Village 2803 is helping us launch the Lawyer's Club mock trial on Tuesday, February 23rd and the Summit on Saturday, February 27th.

Village 2105 awards 7th grader with essay money
27 Dec 2009
  7th grader from Village 2105 is awarded the $5.00 Joe Merrills Award for her iniatative in the December 2009 Essay Contest.

Pennies to Africa program needs you
05 Nov 2009
  Pennies to Africa is a forever program, please join others and send yours to the motherland. We need to help encourage folks to develop a greater sense of urgency to help Africa.

From the south side to Willis Tower
22 Sep 2009
  Prior to deploying to St. Louis, our youth stopped by the former Sears Tower.

Youth prepare to talk to the people of St. Louis
22 Sep 2009
  Two people were murdered in this Village this month and our Chicago youth were there to do some good in the midst of the negative sometimes evilness.

After doing good in St. Louis, the youth went to have fun
22 Sep 2009
  This was the first time for 5 of the 6 young ladies visiting the famous Arch in downtown St. Louis, so it was exciting to see them enjoying themselves.

Thank you to everyone that donated.

Doing good in St. Louis
22 Sep 2009
  The Chicago unit deployed 6 young ladies to St. Louis to conduct anti-violence operations on Saturday, September 19, 2009. They operated inside the Walnut Park Community Village 2000.

They surprised an older lady with a few groceries they they purchased after a long discussion on what to buy her. Next, thing they knew she was in tears thanking them for their acts of kindness.

Chicago prepares for St. Louis Anti-violence Operations
18 Sep 2009
  Chicago teens are on the way to St. Louis Missouri to conduct door to door anti-violence operations in Village 2000.

Watch us at anytime now.
21 Aug 2009
  Please watch us on the internet

Watch our videos online with R.Ken Turner
05 Aug 2009
  View us online

Sears Tower opens the Ledge in June 2009
13 Jul 2009
  NBCU is preparing to give away free tickets ($15.00) to Village residents (get from blue blocks) for the youth to visit this new attraction.

NBCU busy over the violent Chicago weekend
08 Jul 2009
  It's been reported that 11 have been murdered in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend. Please remember everyone PRE = Prevention, Resources, Enforcement is the key. Block by block organizing is the foundation. Please learn the color coded system of Yellow, Green, Blue.

NBCU prepares to help combat violence in Los Angeles
08 Jul 2009
  Every July, America tour moves to Los Angeles and Chicago's zip code 60623. Air force operations are underway.

29 Jun 2009
  Dear Board of Directors,

As your President of National Block Club University since our inception (2003) I am formally
tendering my resignation, effective Wednesday, July 1, 2009. It has been a long and outstanding
journey. I have learned and grown to unprecedented levels as a result of being able to serve in this
lead capacity. Due to my commitment to NBCU's mission I will forever be a promoter and believer
in this objective. I will be totally available during this transition period as well as an long term
advisor to NBCU.


Syron M. Smith
Founder and President
National Block Club University

Coney Island, Chicago, and Father's Day
24 Jun 2009
  On father's day, the men of Chicago spent time with the youth. Displaying the type of love and compassion men have historically shown. Chicago youth felt great under our leadership. We kicked it in New York's Brooklyn.

Chicago teens and New York City Police
24 Jun 2009
  Every July is Police Appreciation Month and our Chicago youth told the police in NYC they appreciated them. We got a head start on July's focus.

Chicago youth visits Times Square in NYC
24 Jun 2009
  After putting in work in Harlem, Chicago youth visited Times Square and had a great time relaxing at midnight.

Selling bathroom tissue in Chicago helped finance this trip.

Chicago youth deploys to Harlem world in NYC
24 Jun 2009
  Friday, June 19th over 13 residents deployed to 830 miles to NYC to promote our national anti-violence message and to recruit New York residents to join our national efforts and deploy to Chicago for up to 90 days.

America helps big time in Tamale, Ghana
26 May 2009
  From all parts of the Chicagoland area, we raised $90.00 worth of pennies to send to Ghana in Africa. This was an amazing operation given the economic crisis we are in here in America. Thank you to the hood as well as the Irish leaders that gave to us. Mushin Jallal leads a youth group in Tamale, Ghana and he truly appreciates what America does for him and the youth.

Sears Tower provides an outlet for our youth
26 May 2009
  Leaving the killing fields of Chicago's Garfield Park (west side) and Woodlawn (southeast side) was great for these two young Black males. They were able to enjoy the possibility of living in downtown Chicago high rise.

Corporate America sends NBCU to the Chicago White Sox box suites
26 May 2009
  On Saturday, April 25, 2009 we had 16 tickets to our own box suite in the Chicago White Sox park. A fortune 500 company donated the tickets to us and the service was great.

Woman blessed during May's Women Appreciation Month
26 May 2009
  Every May is Women Appreciation Month, so when Governor Will of Village 2125 called to inform us of a young lady in need of emergency assistance; NBCU sprung into action. Her car was booted by the city of Chicago and was short of $$$, we donated cash to her and added value. We appreciate our ladies and wanted to share a quick example of how we display that love.

Our youth are like angels, traveling around blessing people with money, gifts, and services.

Corporate America gives $510.00 in 3 hours to combat violence in Chicago and NYC
26 May 2009
  What happens when corporate America helps a not for profit? It brings out the best in people. On Friday, May 1, 2009, over 30 people came together in their kitchens and baked cookies, donuts, pies, and all sorts of goodies to help NBCU send the youth to New York City on our anti-violence operations. We raised $510.00 dollars in 3 hours of selling these baked goods. These proceeds will allow our youth to stay in the Sheraton Hotel (upgrade from Days Inn). Thank you to everyone that took time out to impact others.
Remember this same group raised $700.00 in October of 2008 to send youth to Birmingham, Alabama in a used book sale.

Chicago preparing for anti violence operations in New York
26 May 2009
  Chicago preparing anti violence operations in New York City. All U.S. teens wanting to deploy should call 1 800 861-6541 to register by Wednesday, June 3rd by 12:00am CST.

Grant issued to West Englewood Youth Organization
28 Apr 2009
  On Saturday, April 25, 2009 at Chicago's Bessie Coleman Library. NBCU granted a monetary award to the West Englewood youth sports team headed by William T. Morris. This grant will allow youth to stay off the streets this summer and play sports in zip code 60636. Thank you to everyone that donated to help make this grant possible.

NBCU Chicago welcomes Milwaukee youth
23 Apr 2009
  Every April, we focus our attention and resources nationally to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The national Summit is always the 3rd Saturday of the month with the H.Q. Summit the 4th Saturday of the month in Chicago.

We will continue to press until the killer is found.
06 Apr 2009
  Special thanks to the family and friends for coming out to Chicago Police Headquarters and making a statement on pressuring the State's Attorney and police detectives to intensify the Mya Lyons case.

NBCU supports search for Mya's killer
06 Apr 2009
  Saturday, April 4th; over 263 days since the senseless murder of 9 year old Mya Lyons- no one has been charged. NBCU provided the family support on Saturday both at the scene and at the police headquarters.

Help us catch a killer this Saturday, April 4th
30 Mar 2009
  Join us to help solve the murder of 9 yr old Mya Lyons found stabbed to death on Monday, July 14, 2008.Over 258 days has passed and still no person of interest in custody. No talking, no movement, this is simply unacceptable. Join us at the police headquarters on Saturday, April 4th 3510 S. Michigan for a press conference and then at 2pm at the location she was found 84th & Gilbert Court (2 blks east of Halsted)

Chicago visits Atlanta
23 Mar 2009
  Chicago visits Vine City, Atlanta to combat violence and build the Village.

Chicago teens prepare for the anti-violence operations in Atlanta
18 Mar 2009
  Every March teens from Villages all over the country gather in Atlanta's Village 0300 to train on anti-violence operations. This weekend, Saturday, March 21st there will be a strong unit from deadly Chicago. In that city more than 29 students of the public school system have been killed since the school year began. WRT is the format, this stands for Work, Recreation, and training.

Teens continues work under the bathroom tissue program
09 Mar 2009
  Teens hired and working thanks to Chicagoans buying bathroom tissue.

3 teens shot to death in Chicago's 60617 zip code
24 Feb 2009
  3 teens shot to death in Chicago's 60617 zip code. NBCU was on the scene and working to build Village 1732. Please call us to get involved in Village Building 2009.

NBCU has a van
24 Feb 2009
  Thanks to some of our businesses and citizen donors we have our 1st van. This van will be used a tool to shuttle our youth from location to location carrying out our mission. Thank you to everyone.

16 year old killed in Chicago's 60629 zip code
16 Feb 2009
  1st student of a Chicago public schools killed in 2009, this 16 year old male is the 18th murdered for the 2008-2009 school year. Last school year we lost over 34 students. Inside Village 2953, NBCU was on the scene to provide prayer vigil support and loud speaker capacity.

Business owners rally to secure a van for Chicago youth
16 Feb 2009
  Yesterday store owner Cedric from Midwest Groceries in Village 2302 donated $200.00 toward our $1,500.00 request to help us secure a van for our teens to travel in.

West Englewood Tour wraps up with the Summit
26 Jan 2009
  Thank you to each and everyone that helped to make our January 2009 West Englewood Tour and Summit successful. On Saturday, January 24th we concluded our work in zip code 60636. As each Village across America honored the local churches in their community for doing good works, at the Summit we read multiple essay's written by America's youth to show appreciation to our community churches. Pastor Davis of Solid Rock M.B. Church not only hosted our meeting but was on hand to listen to the youth essay's. Thank you for all the donations as well. We are now preparing our Tour for Roseland (zip code 60628).

Chicago helping Miami find the killer(s) in recent shooting
25 Jan 2009
  9 shot 2 dies in Miami's Libery City neighborhood during an alleged craps game around 9:50pm in front of a grocery store.

Part 2 of the South Loop Hotel
05 Jan 2009
  Come and stay at the new South Loop Hotel

South Loop Hotel Opens in Chicago
05 Jan 2009
  To bring in the new year, NBCU founder went to the newly established; first 5 story Black owned hotel in the city of Chicago. The place is beautiful and very inspiring to know that our community has it's own hotel. Please support this establishment by inviting your family, friends, and any out of town guest to stay at this hotel.

South Loop Hotel
2600 S. State
Chicago, IL 60616
312 225-7000

December is Good Neighbor Month
29 Dec 2008
  Every December we highlight good deeds done by neighbors. We a great story of a neighbor coming to the aid of his neighbor late night (10:11pm) to light her water heater pilot light. This may seem simple, but it saved our leader alot of money by not having to call out professionals at least $75.00 per visit. Oh yeah, Chicago was in middle of a massive snow storm and it was very cold, so NBCU saluted Mr. Terry Jones of Village 5206 with a Good Neighbor Award and a small monetary donation, presented by NBCU Youth leader Jesse Mooris of Village 3646

Chicago leads America in murder; Founder speaks out to Chicago Sun Times
29 Dec 2008
  We talk about how to stop the violence, but truly who wants to do the tedious work of organizing door to door to accomplish that?

Westmont High School donates winter coats to Chicago
16 Dec 2008
  Winter Coats on Tour
Thursday, December 18th 6-7pm Village 29152 6500 block of South Talman
Friday, December 19th 12-7pm Village 2953 5900 block of South Artesian
Monday, December 22nd 12-7pm Village 2953 5900 block of South Artesian
Tuesday, December 23rd 6-7pm Village 2425 3400 block of W. Flournoy
Friday, December 26th 6-7pm Village 2125 6700 block of S. Perry
After Friday, the 26th we will donate whatever coats remaining to a shelter in Chicago.

Detroit sex party with teens
10 Dec 2008
  Detroit is our national focus city for December 2008, look at some of the challenges. Building villages in Detroit will enable America to invest and develop additional layers of support for the great people of Detroit.

Spreading Hope from stable suburbs to urban Villages
05 Dec 2008
  Special thanks to Jamika Jackson leader of Chicago's south side community for writing the letter to ask for help keeping her community warm for winter 2008, because of that letter and the wonderful administration, people, parents and especially children of Westmont High School, they did it!!! Well over 100 coats, jackets, shirts, etc was donated to the people of Chicago from this wonderful effort. It just justifies the belief in PEOPLE that when called upon they will respond with a supportive hand. Thank you again Westmont High and we hope to have a long lasting relationship.

Chicago office prepares to open D.C. office in 2009
01 Dec 2008
  With the election of Barack Obama, it is imperative that our children are exposed to the White House, especially given that fact that he is from the South Side. We will work even harder to ensure our office is in the Southeast side of D.C. and that the youth from D.C. are traveling back to Chicago to see the President's hometown.

No November 2008 Essay Contestants
01 Dec 2008
  Sorry, but no one applied.

Chicago prepares for emergency evacuation drill
01 Dec 2008
  Founder, Sy Smith is preparing Thursday, December 4th to detail the stragedy of how we are going to conduct this 9 neighborhood drill to prepare Chicago families for disaster.

Chicago teens deploy to Birmingham, Alabama 2008
01 Dec 2008
  On Friday, November 14th Chicago teens deployed over 600 miles to Birmingham, Alabama to complete anti-violence operations. Teens from Chicago's Marquette Park, Roseland, Washington Park, Garfield Park, Englewood, and West Englewood all engaged Birmingham's community door to door and block by block. The wonderful people of Birmingham received our youth well and even played against our Chicago boys in basketball. Chicago beat Birmingham 3 games to 1. It is the same record our Chicago boys have on Atlanta, Georgia boys.

Who killed 9 year old Mya Lyons?
10 Nov 2008
  NBCU was asked to help find the killer of 9 year old Mya Lyons, she was killed in July 2008 while spending the summer with her father. The killer is still on the loose, so we took to the streets to talk to neighbors and see if we could identify any "new leads".

October 2008 Essay Winners
06 Nov 2008
  October's essay topic and entire month was dedicated to "Why I love and appreciate what senior citizens bring to my life and community"? The youth demonstrated a great effort to highlight and up lift our elders, thank you young people.

NBCU set to release Illinois Lottery figures
29 Oct 2008
  With murders up 13%, Chicago's most dangerous zip codes found a way to spend over $117 million dollars in fiscal year 2008.

Jennifer Hudson Tribute and Vigil
28 Oct 2008
  Hundreds gather to wish Jennifer and the entire Hudson & King families well. Leaders of our network was also there to pay tribute. We must get super organized to be a better support system that would recognize violence prior to it erupting and having the vast resources to significantly reduce it.

While others watched, time was being lost
26 Oct 2008
  Late Friday night October 24th, crowds gathered in shock; to learn about what occured to the Hudson family. NBCU began our coordinating work to ensure we did our part to help track down little Julian King

Gary joins the search for 7 yr old Julian King
26 Oct 2008
  Speaking to a Gary Police Officer; an unconfirmed report was broadcast to officers of a spotting of a SUV matching the suspected vehicle. Our search Sunday afternoon turned up very few leads but some very interested residents willing to help out.

26 Oct 2008
  Late Friday, October 24th, members of the network began phone banking and drive by searching for the 2 vehicles that police stated they were looking for. Now the search is for the 1994 white Suburban SUV.

Jennifer Hudson we are all praying for you and the entire family.

Chicago in Philadephia on Tour 2008
24 Oct 2008
  Chicago deployed to Philadelphia over the weekend supported the drum team on Roosevelt Road. Chicago's Chatham neighborhood is assigned for long term support for Philly.

20 hour paint job done free for a Chicago senior citizen
13 Oct 2008
  Yes, we have teens working to re-establish the bond between our elders and our youth. Saturday, October 11th a team of leaders were deployed to Chicago's Village 2100 to repaint a chain link fence. While performing this job neighbors begin to ask could we do theirs, of course our #1 goal is to build the Village; so we will talk to them later.

More winners for the September Essay Contest
06 Oct 2008
  Two young males from Chicago recently picked up their $70.00 winnings from NBCU headquarters. The boys were excited and motivated to win and will forever be in their category of successes, winning a citywide award.

September 2008 Summit a success
29 Sep 2008
  Every September we conduct our national tour inside Chicago's 60644 zip coded community, St. Louis, Missouri, Ivory Coast in Africa and Winnetka in Illinois.

During the last Saturday of the month, we host our annual meeting at a location in that Chicago based zip code (60644) and report how things went. We also issue awards and answer questions from new persons attending.

Chicago registering west siders to vote
29 Sep 2008
  On a Tuesday evening, Chicago citizens took to the streets on north Pulaski Road to register people to vote in the historic election coming Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

Alderman Carter invites Chicago to ribbon cutting
23 Sep 2008
  Saturday, September 20th St. Louis city councilman Greg Carter invited the Chicago youth to the ribbon cutting ceremony at the newly remodeled football field at Northwest Academy.

Chicago gives their support to St. Louis cheerleaders
23 Sep 2008
  Chicago spots youth in St. Louis fundraising and they immediately went to add value to this wonderful effort.

St. Louis fire fighters appreciated
23 Sep 2008
  St. Louis fire fighters are caught off guard, when youth paid them a visit Saturday morning around 7:30am. Usally never unprepared for events, this one was a pleasant surprise for the men and women who gives so much to the communities they serve. Thank you and we salute you daily.

Chicago fire fighters appreciated
23 Sep 2008
  On Tuesday, September 16, 2008 Chicago unit from Village 2441 was on hand at the fire station in Chicago to show love and appreciation toward the very men and women who places themselves in harms way day in and day out. Thank you again!

Chicago's Village 29152 & 2903 deploys to St. Louis
23 Sep 2008
  Chicago youth traveled to St. Louis to complete an organizing mission to help combat crime and disorder in North St. Louis. While there they did Work, Recreation, and Training. Many of the youth never been to St. Louis before this adventure.

Chicago youth deploys to aid in anti-violence operations in St. Louis
19 Sep 2008
  Join us every month as we tour America's most challenging cities.

Woodlawn doing good in the hood!
08 Sep 2008
  Right before school started a community resident in Chicago's Woodlawn community wanted to do something good and touch the life of a young person, so she called the Village leadership and said " I have school supplies, can you guys find some youth to donate them to"? The rest is history, thank you Doris for doing good in the hood.

65th & Bell Block Club donates $200.00
02 Sep 2008
  Four class of 2008 students in Village 3655 had no clue Friday evening August 29, 2008 around 8pm that they were about to be blessed with $50.00 each. The 6500 block of South Bell agreed, collected, and distributed the funds to say we appreciate you for graduating. Jean and Josephine are seen in the pictures preparing to make their weekend special. NBCU provided media operations for the event.

NBCU provides support to Woodlawn Village 3709
25 Aug 2008
  A 77 yr old veteran was doused with gas and set on fire Wednesday, August 20, 2008 around 2:30am allgedly by a former evicted tenant. Community leaders held a prayer vigil for his recovery that we learned today was not successful. Village 2908 provided the amplified sound system for this event. NBCU on behalf of Woodlawn's Village 3709 sends our prayers.

Different "sets" come together in Chicago peace
19 Aug 2008
  Typically Black males from different "sets" do not venture into each other territories in peace, but on Sunday, August 17th around 3pm Washington's Park Village 1507 hosted Englewood's Village 2125 in a 3 on 3 basketball game. While the game was a huge success the best part was the agreement to work together to end violence, create jobs, and become better individuals. Special thanks to Governor of 60615; Joe Merrills and Governor 60621; Will Love.

60621 being proactive in violent city
19 Aug 2008
  Every 3rd Monday of the month zip code 60621 is "on duty". That means the world knows who they can contact for that day support. New York is also on duty, Hinsdale, IL and Sudan, in Africa. This entire effort is lead by 7 key coordinators. On Monday, August 18th Governor Will Love - Economic leader; Mary Bailey-Education leader; Shamieka Kirksey-Village Mayor 2120; Betty Kirksey led the effort inside Chicago's Village 2120 of door to door engagement. Being proactive instead of reacting after someone has been shot or killed.

Watch our Videos
13 Aug 2008
  Check out our videos at You Tube

Village 1507 combating violence in Chicago
12 Aug 2008
  Governor Joe Merrills of Chicago's 60615 zip code led the youth tournament in rememberence of a young teen shot to death and an even younger male killed in a hit and run incident on South Drexel Blvd. This event was designed to bring something positive to the community and NBCU was in the midst to provide some leadership toward WRT or Work, Recreation, and Training.

Village 29152 takes on Education
12 Aug 2008
  Every Tuesday is our global Education day. This means everyday residents are asked to do something to discuss education. Regional leader Jamika from Village 2908 brought together youth from the Marquette Park community on Tuesday, July 29th and held a roundtable discussion on the state of education in the Black community. A young Black male (14 yr old) talked about Brown vs Board of Education and where we are today. This is a process of getting these type of discussions to take place all over.

NBCU provides administrative support to Chicago's Village 1507
28 Jul 2008
  In Chicago where violence has ripped the lives of over 240 families this summer of 2008, NBCU is steadfastly working to build the Village Concept. Governor of 60615; Joe Merrills is helping night and day with this vision. He recently launched a campaign to involve the community using a basketball tournament as the draw and we will implement the three colors and save our community.

Governor of 60615 seeks Jesse Jackson's local support
14 Jul 2008
  In response to Jesse Jackson's latest remarks about cutting the N%$^ off of Senator Barack Obama, while at the same time ignoring Village 1507 concerns; Governor Joe Merrills held a press conference on Saturday, July 12th at 8:30am to discuss the lack of support for the recent deaths on the same block of Rainbow Push. The event allowed local leaders to express their frustration and recruit more residents at the same time.

Chicago combats violence by organizing
04 Jul 2008
  After making international news with the recent shooting of on duty fire inspector, killing a pregnant woman and shooting to death a woman visiting someone at a hospital that was previously shot; Chicago sped up the door to door campaign, that was previously scheduled in October 2008 to assist with getting a handle on this area called South Shore.

Introducing Governor Will Love
24 Jun 2008
  America finalizes support for newly appointed Governor of 60621 in Chicago; Will Love. Every June, NBCU focuses on 60621 and this summer has been wonderful working with this energetic activist. He hails from Village 2125 near Kennedy King College on the Southside of Chicago and he brings a wealth of business knowledge to the Board of Governors and Chicago. Responsible for New York City support, Hinsdale, IL, and Sudan in Africa, this Governor is truly needed.

Zimbabwe urged to stop the violence by Chicago youth
24 Jun 2008
  Chicago youth speaking out about Zimbabwe elections

Little Somalia Museum coming soon
02 Jun 2008
  Chicago's 60636 zip code is linked to Somalia in Africa. To increase Chicagoans knowledge base about Somalia, we have secured a 6 month contract to expand our Somalia exhibit into an 6 month museum. July 1st is Somalia's independence day, therefore we will target that day (Tuesday) as a grand opening. This museum replaces a vacant building that was an eye sore and turned it into an attraction with historical information for our community.

Chicago supports anti-violence group in Gary
02 Jun 2008
  Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood is considered 'little Gary" under NBCU's Centralized Uniform Delivery System (CUDS) and on Saturday, May 10th, Gary Concerned Citizens needed some help. Founder; Dwight Taylor called out the big guns of Chicago to come to an anti-violence rally down Broadway ending at the Indiana University parking lot. The event was a great tribute to the many lives lost and effected by violence and NBCU was happy to support it. We hope for Daily Living Habits to be implemented as a way to totally change Gary.

$150 million to combat violence in Chicago
06 May 2008
  We are putting forth a residential bill that calls for a second look at who may obtain these dollars.

Woodlawn 2008 Summit was awesome
28 Apr 2008
  Saturday, April 26, 2008 we held our Woodlawn Summit at the Bessie Coleman Public Library. It was very successful as we conducted roll call,informed the audience of our mission, issued awards and recognitions. The youth spoke about various topics and the newcomers from 60637 was delighted to hear our message of hope and change. Pam Chears of 60628 donated $50.00 to us that we in turn donated to the elementary school Emmet Till. This school will need additional support for graduation students. Jenice Sanders of 60621 won the national raffle of $50.00.
Please call us 1 800 861-6541 if you would like to assist.

Stay Focus doing it big in 60621
28 Apr 2008
  NBCU was on hand to help capture the moment of Tarina's festival on Saturday, April 26, 2008. She is doing outstanding work and should be praised for it. Look at the work.

NBCU providing support to church in Village 2119
28 Apr 2008
  In Chicago, Black churches working in the community is not that easy to find, so hearing about Spiritual Awakening in Chicago's Englewood community was going to be helping the community, NBCU was on the scene to provide speaking and media relations support. This church has decided to assist the recently released offenders with all level support service. Lavern Dickson is the brainchild to this concept.

Located inside Village 2119, NBCU will provide marketing support and block by block networking to assist Spiritual Awekening efforts.

Jet Star Food store awards essay scholarship
28 Apr 2008
  Jet Star Foods located at 48th & Cottage Grove under the influence of Village 1507 Joe Merrills donates money directly to the students inside the Village for the best essay written in April 2008.

NBCU is working to ensure everyone is giving back to our youth.

Help us make this roving anti-violence tour successful
17 Apr 2008
  Please help us this month (April 2008) in Woodlawn. Our national tour has been conducting operations inside zip code 60637 and we will be working to host a press conference on Wednesday, April 30, 2008. Will you donate at least $1.00 to us today to keep this fight going?

Students donates over 17,000 pennies to Africa
14 Apr 2008
  Students from Phoenix Military Academy on the West Side of Chicago came together and raised over 17,000 pennies for Ghana. Led by junior student Chevenne Linear; this school rallied around helping the children of Tamale. In Ghana, the people live on less than one dollar a day. This donation will empower them for over 80 days. 1 U.S. dollars is equal to 9,200.00 dollars in Ghana. Thanks you students and faculty at Phoenix Military Academy- you are world wide impactors.

Small grant will make a big difference Village 3668
14 Apr 2008
  Young man in Chicago's West Englewood community was granted a $35.00 scholarship to take his GED test. His mother received the resource and will ensure it goes to assist her son in moving forward. Special thanks to the 60636 zip code community for contributing to this wonderful grant. Village 3668 primarily.

7 yr old shot turns 12 today in Chicago
14 Apr 2008
  On Easter Sunday over 5 years ago, a young 7 yr old was playing on her front porch when a bullet struck her; she is doing better theses days and on Sunday, April 13th she turned 12 years old. Thank God she is alive and well to enjoy another birthday. Village 3660 issued her a wonderful birthday present and surprised her. Thank you to all those who donated.

Winner of March 2008 Raffle Announced
24 Mar 2008

Last Saturday, March 22nd, we hosted our annual Summit inside 60624 and conducted the raffle, our winner was Sue Williams of 60636 zip code and immediately after the Summit we were able to inspire over 5 youth on Pulaski Road. Thank you for your support of our raffle tickets.

Atlanta trip cancelled; violence strikes our core team
14 Mar 2008
  Violent blow to one of own in Chicago

Orland Park police in Chicago
12 Mar 2008
  Suspect still at large, could be anywhere now

Youth issued awards in Chicago
11 Mar 2008
  Chicago's Washington Park (60615) Governor Joe Merrills issues awards and to deserving youth of Chicago's New City Community (60609). The Summit is an once a year activity that recognizes outstanding citizens, youth, and seniors for their work in the community.

Detroit anti-violence tour 2007
11 Mar 2008
  Chicago's teens deployed to Detroit's Village 1400 to conduct WRT operations in December 2007 and were very successful going door to door to identify residents willing to join this crusade. Next month's trip is to San Diego's Village 0200.

NBCU cancels the Memphis cash reward for the murderer of the 6 citizens
11 Mar 2008
  9 shot; 6 killed in Memphis, Chicago responds

NBCU issues community alert in Chicago's South Shore Community
11 Mar 2008
  Teens need to be brought to justice in Chicago's 60649 area

Chicago teens helping to track Tinley Park killer
11 Mar 2008
  Phone banking to help capture a killer

Block by block network joins the search for the Lane Bryant killer
12 Feb 2008
  Tracking a killer

January's Summit is Saturday, January 26, 2008
26 Jan 2008
  Come and join us for a citywide review of support services to America. Hear from leaders all over Chicago and throughout the country.

Best Decorated Home in Chicago Award
26 Jan 2008
  60629 in Chicago won our Annual "Most Decorated Home Award" for Halloween. 6400 block of South Campbell- Mary Williams was 2007's winner. The $100.00 award is apart of the block by block support fund.

This fund encourages residents to give to promote unity and community awareness programs.

Birmingham recruited by Chicago teenagers
20 Nov 2007
  Chicago teens travel 668 miles to Birmingham, AL to recruit young people to travel to Chicago for a 4 month job training program. Call 773 760-3150

Chicago neighborhoods continues to compete
10 Sep 2007
Awesome Unity
Early Sunday, before the Chicago Bears took the field over 2,000 miles away, nestled in Chicago's 60615 community over 18 youths took to the field to challenge each other in a baseball game. Coordinated under the Village Concept, the young people from 60615 did not know that Joe Merrills has been their Governor of 60615 for over 2 years; however we were able to introduce them to the man that has been protesting stores in the 60615 community on behalf of more funded activities for the youth.

Marquette Park's Village 2903 vs Washington Park's Village 1502
While the game was dominated by the youth with home-field advantage, it was great just seeing them come together and experience good ole fashion "fun". Little did they know, we are preparing them for "bigger things" and Joe plans to work with them to become Kids Off the Block members and take them to Roseland to compete against the best.

September 1st & September 9th
Last weekend it was West Englewood's Village 3649 traveling to the West Side to compete against North Lawndale's Village 2312 and this week it is our Marquette Park's Village 2903 vs Washington Park Village 1502. We hope to bring them all together at the youth headquarters 116th & Michigan prior to October 2007.

We need your support, please call 1 800 861-6541 &

Two Chicago Historically Distant Neighborhoods Come Together
05 Sep 2007
  Saturday, September 1st, North Lawndale (West Side) hosted the South Side's West Englewood community to a mini olympics. This event was sponsored by the 1900 block of South Trumbull Annual Block Club Party. The major victory here was not the scores of the games, but the coming together of the west side and the south side with no problems. Vice Lords and Gangster Disciples labels could have been labeled on them due to the territories that these young males and females were from, but only good came out of this event. We will now look to spread this coming together citywide. To join us call 1 800 861-6541. Special thanks to State Rep 6th District Estar Golar for traveling with her West Engelwood team to North Lawndale.

19th & Trumbull donates to Senegal in Africa
29 Aug 2007
  From the moment Block Club leader Sarah Wolford heard that her zip code 60623 was linked to Senegal in Africa, she wanted to help. The Pennies to Africa program was her inroad to do just that. Within 1 week she has gone door to door and collected over 2000 pennies to send to a family in the Motherland. The exchange rates is $1.00 U.S. Dollars for $495.00 Francs (Senegal official dollar), so her work has equaled over $9,700.00. Wow, that's making an global impact. To join this campaign call us 1 800 861-6541

Chicago looks to add Oil Companies to fight for Safer America
16 Aug 2007
  Please send us letters of support to 6610 S. Albany Chicago, IL 60629

Operation Impact Memphis 2007
26 Jul 2007
  Next stop Washington D.C.

Chicago protest Jet Star Foods
19 Jul 2007
  Urban America begins to hold businesses accountable.

June tour continues to help residents
26 Jun 2007
  Tour continues to help people in West Englewood. Something as simple as giving resources to our people on their birthday.

America tours West Englewood for June 2007
26 Jun 2007
  Chicago's West Englewood hosted global operations for the entire month of June 2007.

Brooklyn, Times Square and Coney Island engaged
20 Jun 2007
  Chicago carries out Operation Impact New York City 2007

Chicago unit begins New York City recruiting operations
20 Jun 2007
  The Chicago unit made up of Governor of 60615, youth leaders from both Village 2908, Village 2903 and NBCU's founder visits Harlem New York to begin recruiting efforts. While on 125th street near Apollo, Governor Merrills and CEO Smith honored a New York Police Officer during a traffic stop and alerted her of next month's national Police Appreciation celebrations.

Chicago unit arrives in New York City
20 Jun 2007
  Chicago unit checks into New York hotel to prepare for anti-violence operations on Saturday, June 15, 2007

Teens deploy to NYC to assist with anti-violence efforts
13 Jun 2007
  Too much violence in urban America, where's the national stragedy to this national challenge?

One Chicagoan makes a difference in Africa
09 Jun 2007
  Friday, June 8th from the Washington Park community, one Chicagoan took NBCU up on it's Pennies to Africa process and donated a tube of pennies to NBCU for his zip code 60615. Despite his zip code being linked to Congo in Africa; Governor Joe Merrills decided to donate the loose change to the 7 year old we know of in Louga, Senegal in Africa instead. The impact was felt 3 hours later when we found out at the Coin Star machine that his container was holding a whopping 3,168 pennies and once converted over into Senegal money was $9,500. Francs.

Joe's words
"It is amazing the joy that I feel right now because I am truly helping to make a real difference so far away".

Money Gram was used to take the converted pennies from Coin Star and it was a simple process that took less than 30 minutes to complete.

What's next?

Based on Joe's zip code excitement, he and bunch of street guys (some call thugs) are going on a penny search throughout all the urban corridors to get everyone to give up their pennies to help Africa. I almost cried to witness our guys so motivated to help the less fortunate.

America tours Gary Indiana for May 2007
06 Jun 2007
  Every May, NBCU turns our national attention to Gary, Indiana. The purpose of the tour is to bring all 19 other U.S. cities to one city and saturate that area with information, resources, manpower, and widespread support. Every Village across America is challenged with conducting operations in Gary for May 2007. Some did, while the overwhelming majority still has not come onboard, therefore we will work from this May 2007 to next May 2008 to build this so that next year it is an outstanding Gary Tour 2008.

Gary Citizens Takes Action on Idle Churches
06 Jun 2007
  Wow, at least some citizens are taking action against senseless violence in Gary.

America tours Bronzeville 2007
03 Jun 2007
  Saturday, May 26, 2007 wrapped up over 25 days of service to the 60653 area, Franklin Park, Illinois, Gary, Indiana and Naimibia in Africa. The Summit was capped off with 2 winners for the $100.00 essay contest, both Brittany Wooten of Roseland's Village 2816 and Jamyla Lewis of Atlanta's Village 0307 won the contest.

Tragedy strikes Chicago's Village 2877
12 May 2007
  Roseland's Village 2877 experienced an unheard of act of violence on Thursday, May 10th. Five teen shot and one dies as the gunman boards the Chicago Transit Authority bus and opens fire. Most of the students shot were members of Percy Julian High School. Village 2877 has no Village Mayor but NBCU officials were out in the area recruiting for residential leadership to help improve the quality of life for it's citizens. Call 1 800 861-6541 if you have any information on the shooter, said to be a young 16 yr old as well.

Father's Discussion at the Summit in Chicago
29 Apr 2007
  Wanda Muhammad CANTV SHOW was on set in Roseland to film a session discussing the role of fathers in our life. The panel of 7 was great.

NBCU Chicago shows love during Youth Appreciation
29 Apr 2007
  Saturday, April 28, 2007 NBCU showed loved to over 4 youth from the community and awarded them financially.

Tissue helps us run our daily operations
29 Apr 2007
  60620 purchased over $100.00 worth of tissue that helped us donate $ to the April 2007 14 year old student from 60621.

Washington Mutual and NBCU at the April 2007 Summit
29 Apr 2007
  Chicago's Gage Park branch Washington Mutual attended our Roseland Community Summit and over 15 youth were financed to have saving accounts opened.

$100.00 April 2007 Essay Winners
29 Apr 2007
  Brittany Davis and Ashley Echols were winners of the April 2007 essay contest. The topic was "Why I love and appreciate what youth bring to our life and community.

NBCU works with Tamara Draper of Chicago
18 Apr 2007
  Saturday, March 31, 2007 NBCU Chicago provided support to Chicago's Tamara Draper and her church's program of feeding the less fortunate. This day was filled with citizens in need of mainstream support, but Tamara and her core group are answering the call to duty and helping them out. Village 2908 was on hand to help with inspiring the audience and awarding a monetary grant one of the youth helping out.

NBCU supports Chicago Digital Organization
18 Apr 2007
  On Saturday, April 14, 2007 NBCU Chicago provided logistical and technical assistance to Chicago based Digital Divide Corporation or DDOC. This organization focuses on providing Chicago with technology opportunities as well as equipment. Lowry Taylor is the founder of this group. Village 2908 provided support.

NBCU continues supporting America's organizations
18 Apr 2007
  Saturday, April 14, 2007 NBCU Chicago helped provide logistical, technical and manpower support to Educational Institute; a not for profit organized to help empower citizens of Chicago's Englewood community with legal services and youth programs. Village 2903 and Village 2901 were deployed to assist. They performed well.

Making America Safer
18 Apr 2007
  Making America Safer is the theme, NBCU is undertaking. On Wednesday, April 17, 2007 over 80 Request for Proposals were launched to America Police Commissioners, State Representatives, U.S. Congressmen and women to gain support for a plan of action to make urban areas safer utilizing NBCU's Centralized Uniform Delivery System. This marks the first time ever that we have put RFP's forward to combat homicides. We hope to have some serious dialogue with these leaders to gain support for a national movement to make America safer. NBCU founder says " I hope the leaders in various jurisdications understand that this is a very widespread problem that will have to include a very widespread solution".

March 2007 U.S. Raffle Winner Announced
28 Mar 2007
  Thank you to everyone across America for your support and we hope it will continue.

On the road back to Chicago from Atlanta
26 Mar 2007
  Some beautiful pictures along Tennessee

Chicago teens holds a 2-1 record vs Atlanta teens in basketball
26 Mar 2007
  Chicago teens played basketball against the Vine City teens and won 2 games to 1 and a rematch is set for next year in March 2008. While on the road back to Chicago, the group stopped for pictures alongside the road. Safety was in full effect as we took those pictures.

Operation Impact Atlanta 2007
26 Mar 2007
  On Saturday, March 17, 2007, Chicago deployed over 10 U.S. teenagers to Atlanta for door to door operations in support of the overall Village Concept. While on station in Village 1400, teens developed great working relationships with the local residents and for recreation they got an opportunity to visit the famous Dr. King museum.

National Safety Commissioner
12 Mar 2007
  Newly installed National Safety Commissioner is 15 year old Jermaine from Chicago, Illinois. He looks to become an business owner in the future. In this role Jermaine will interact with over 20 U.S. police departments and the FBI.

Operation Impact Milwaukee 2007 underway
21 Feb 2007
  U.S. teens from Chicago conduct "Operation Impact Milwaukee 2007". These youth were instrumental in helping us support Milwaukee's Village 0501. Last year some of these same teens were deployed to Milwaukee to help search for the two missing young boys.

Chicago's Village 2440 feeds the less fortunate
13 Feb 2007
  Saturday, February 10th was a great day on the West Side of Chicago as Village Mayor Tamara Draper fed the less fortunate at her church.

60629 deploys into Chicago's Village 3710
13 Feb 2007
  Residents serving duty on Monday, February 12th were busy preventing conflict, promoting regional stability and protecting our interest in 60637. The outcome of this adventure was surprising 1 family on 62nd & Eberhart with a 7-day bus card for mass transit use. The Summit will be Saturday, February 24, 2007 3-5pm at 718 E. 63rd Chicago, IL 60637

Saturday 60621 will be top on our radar
26 Jan 2007
  All month long, you have been helping 60621 in Chicago and Saturday, January 27th we will all come together to discuss the results of our month long support tour in the Englewood Community. Don't miss it.

Yellow wall at Chicago headquarters
24 Jan 2007
  Please keep in mind the color yellow represents " education & health". At HQ we are launching operations across the globe to promote that.

Green wall at Chicago's headquarters
24 Jan 2007
  Please keep in mind that the green wall represents "safety & seniors" throughout the globe.

Blue region wall installed at Chicago Headquarters
24 Jan 2007
  Please keep in mind that the color blue represents "economics & youth". Bathroom tissue is our way of capturing dollars and using them to help build the Village.

November 2006 is America's Homeless Awareness Month
15 Nov 2006
  November 2006 is America's Homeless Awareness Month

Chicago combats violence in Miami
15 Nov 2006
  Chicago continues to travel Urban America seeking to disrupt violence in it's tracks. Every October NBCU focuses on Miami and this year was nothing different. While in Miami, a mother and her 7 year old son was shot to death at his birthday party and our team was in town to assist with the case. 1 800 861-6541 if you would like to learn more.

September 11th in Chicago's West Englewood
12 Sep 2006
  Across America we are focusing on helping 60636

America prepares to recognize September as Firefighter's Appreciation Month
07 Sep 2006
  For the 6th straight year citizens across America are being asked to do "anything" special to show love and appreciation to some of our bravest heroes.

$100.00 Essay Winners for Elected Officials Appreciation Month
07 Sep 2006
  2 Winners from Chicago split the $100.00 award

NBCU founder request L.A. Senator to reconsider more federal agents in New Orleans
29 Aug 2006
  Senator Mary Landrieu has requested more federal agents and prosecutors to help combat violence in New Orleans

Chicago Prepares to Help Birmingham's Homicide Challenge
28 Aug 2006
  West Englewood and Humboldt Park Communities join effort

$100.00 Essay Winner for Police Appreciation Topic
01 Aug 2006
  14 yr old Chicago young lady wrote the award winning essay.

We love and respect honest police officers because they care about the people in our communities enough to risk their lives for them. Officers stop at nothing to see that crime be stopped in its tracks. When people witness heroism such as this, they would be motivated to do good in our communities and try to keep order as best as they can.

Ashley Echols

Across America Police Appreciation Month Begins
03 Jul 2006
  Chicago began the 6th Annual Police Appreciation celebrations on the West Side of Chicago. 10th District which is the birthplace of NBCU.

Graduation Awards to Englewood Students
27 Jun 2006
  Over $75.00 was given to 3 students in Chicago's Englewood Students by the Roseland Community

NBCU Official in Cleveland
06 Jun 2006
  Sy Smith just recently touched down in Cleveland, OH.

Chicago Village 4901 sends financial support to Miami, Florida
18 May 2006
  In our quest to ensure urban communities support each other, NBCU HQ was successful in convincing Chicago's South Shore Community (Village 4901) to support our sister city Miami, Florida

U.S. Congressmen & women districts engaged for Essay Contest
16 May 2006
  East Region

Boston - 8th Cong. Dist
New York - 15th Cong. Dist
D.C. -At-Large Cong Dist
Norfolk - 3rd Cong Dist.
Philadelphia - 1st Cong Dist

Midwest Region

St. Louis - 5th Cong Dist.
Detroit - 13th Cong Dist.
Cleveland - 11th Cong Dist.
Milwaukee - 4th Cong. Dist.
Gary -1st Cong Dist.
St. Paul - 4th Cong Dist.
Kansas City - 5th Cong Dist.

South Region

Atlanta - 5th Cong Dist.
Memphis - 9th Cong Dist.
Birmingham - 7th Cong Dist.
New Orleans - 2nd Cong Dist.
Miami - 17th Cong Dist

West Region

Los Angeles - 33rd Cong Dist.
San Diego - 53rd Cong Dist.
Dallas - 30th Cong Dist.

Chicago set to combat violence in Memphis, TN
21 Apr 2006
  Please forward all inquiries to attend our May 19-21 outing to Memphis TN
1 800 861-6541

Chicago Teens impacts K.C.
20 Apr 2006
  Chicago chapter of Kids Off the Block (green region) teens walked around several housing units in Kansas City over the weekend, engaging over 25 youths and collecting 3 verbal commitment from K.C. youth to travel to Chicago this summer.

Chicago teens on the way to Kansas City
13 Apr 2006
  Chicago will support Village 0600

NBCU urges all to adopt Fire Safety Day
30 Mar 2006
  5 die in Chicago House Fires

$2.1 Million Dollar Design for a Highly Organized Chicago
27 Mar 2006
  Wow, the power shift is on the way.

Chicago teens deployed to Milwaukee to search for 2 missing Milwaukee boys
27 Mar 2006
  Chicago supports Milwaukee

2 Missing Milwaukee Boys, Chicago Launches Air Force to Support
21 Mar 2006
  Village HQ has authorized an Air Launch to 2 Milwaukee Village in Search of 2 Missing boys immediately

Vine City Atlanta receives help from Chicago teenagers
21 Mar 2006
  Chicago to Atlanta

Los Angeles Air Force helps Chicago's Woodlawn Community
20 Mar 2006
  View the Setup for both Air and Ground Forces

Chicago murders call attention to Black on Black Violence
15 Mar 2006
  Murders keep taking place in Black America, what now?

NBCU to help steer business to Washington Mutual across N. America
23 Feb 2006
  Please support our "Preferred Financial Institution" call 1 800 861-6541

Chicago sends investigator to Atlanta
23 Feb 2006
  Hurricane Katrina evacuee; 17 yr old male is shot to death in Atlanta, GA

U.S. Teenagers Traveling America without Public Grants
23 Feb 2006
  We have demonstrated in the last 6 consecutive months that determination , focus, and hope can go a "long way" to accomplishing any wish. Our teens have been able to see America for free, thanks to contributors that care.

Chicago Teens Organizes in Milwaukee
21 Feb 2006
  From Chicago's Washington Park, South Shore, and Marquette Park; area teenagers went to Milwaukee and helped organize the Village.

11 Jan 2006
  Chicago will help distribute over 500 Reward Flyers to the Norfolk Village 2009

To help us please call 1 800 861-6541

Birmingham Teen Found Safe
06 Jan 2006
  Great news America

Chicago joins the search for Birmingham's missing teen
21 Dec 2005
  Chicago joins the search

Chicago Prepares to Support Detroit
16 Dec 2005
  Widespread help is on the way to Motor City

America Responds to North Lawndale Homicide
16 Dec 2005
  Los Angeles and New York are connected to the 1300 block of South Millard in North Lawndale.

Chicago goes to St. Louis for Widespread Support
21 Nov 2005
  Chicago Teens Storms St. Louis

NBCU thanks the Digital Divide Corporation
24 Oct 2005
  Thank you to the Committee

Chicago rapists could be in Detroit
24 Oct 2005
  Join the search immediately.

$175.00 Essay Contest for America Youth
12 Oct 2005
  4 sponsors from Chicago helps to support the Essay Contest for October 2005

Block Club Air Force in Action
12 Oct 2005
  Residents Across America Launch Differently in October 2005

NBCU Zambia Tour for October 2005
10 Oct 2005
  Zambia's fuel crisis threatens flow of maize imports from SA

Miami Violence Tops Week 41 Agenda
10 Oct 2005
  We will be carrying out two operations this weekend, one in Miami and another in Elgin, IL

Kansas City Murder Rate Soars in 2005
02 Oct 2005
  Chicago's 60617 have reviewed our anti-violence plans for Kansas City to help put a dent in the current rate.

North St. Louis Neighborhood Experiences Rash of Homicides
29 Sep 2005
  Chicago's is preparing to deploy help

Prayer Vigil for 6 Killed in Gary
26 Sep 2005
  Gary Responds to Murder Victims

Fire kills 6 in Gary, Indiana. NBCU Bronzeville Responds
21 Sep 2005
  Radar 1 just picked up that a family has been lost due to a fire in Gary, Indiana.

NBCU Western Sahara Tour 2005
21 Sep 2005
  September is almost over and we are completing our tour for this country.

NBCU CEO Sits with Gary, Indiana Leaders
20 Sep 2005
  NBCU Gary Operations Leader summons NBCU CEO to Gary, Indiana to provide "insights" to future development

NBCU & KOB in Birmingham, Alabama
19 Sep 2005
  Chicago and Birmingham Operations

NBCU Must Shut Down New Orleans Operations
07 Sep 2005
  Katrina Jordan (L7) is now operating from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

October's Review of Career Duty Days
06 Sep 2005
  Detailed Summary of Duty Days for Careers

NBCU & KOB Launches Our Relief Area Plan
02 Sep 2005
  Here is our strategic plan

Can We Send $6 Million, Host 100,000 and Deploy Over 55,000 Volunteers to Help?
31 Aug 2005
  Will you cooperate?

Kids Off The Block & NBCU Will Pray Tonight
31 Aug 2005
  Wednesday, August 31st Will Be Our National Day of Prayer

NBCU America Prepares to Support New Orleans
28 Aug 2005
  All Week 35 Personnel on Duty Should Expect to Help New Orleans

Chicago's South Shore Community Responds
26 Aug 2005
  Led by 60649 Adult Governor Jewell Dickson seeks $$$ for Miami Family

18 Year Old Man Charged in the D.C. Woman Homicide
26 Aug 2005
  NBCU will move Reward Funds to a Miami homicide victim's family

Birmingham Violence on Our Agenda
26 Aug 2005
  America Teens Preparing to Combat Violence in Birmingham

D.C. Woman Killed While Watching TV
22 Aug 2005
  Chicago takes swift action

Kids Off The Block
12 Aug 2005
  The high ranking leadership of KOB and City of Chicago Council Member of the 28th Ward, Ed Smith. Workinig on a Health Initatives in Chicago's Roseland Community. Roseland is located on the city's far south side.

Detroit Crime Rate a Factor in Elections
04 Aug 2005
  Detroiters just completed elections and it looks like change is on the horizon

Are your teens active this summer?
01 Aug 2005
  Kids Off The Block

Midwest Prepares to Help Combat Violence in D.C.
01 Aug 2005
  Travel helps to broaden an individual perspective in life, so we are planning to expand the minds of 10-15 teenagers later on this month.

Los Angeles Homicide
01 Aug 2005
  Black on Black Violence Continues in 2005

Milwaukee Killings
01 Aug 2005
  Chicago supporting Milwaukee

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