The purpose of "Ask The CEO" is to allow citizens the opportunity to ask questions directly to the senior executive officer of the organization. If the CEO does not have the answer, he or she have the resources the find the answer to every question.


What is going on in my community?
Mark Robinson of Zip code 90047

Does the 3rd Quarter 2005 Violence victims come from Black Communities?
Q1: Syron, is it safe for me to assume that your recent listing of crimes in the 3rd quarter, were committed in Black communities?
Q2: I provide services that focus primarily on Black former offenders, many who are fathers. Do you have any information on Black fathers involved in some of the Black on Black crime in our neighborhoods?
Q3: I am attending a conference in San Antonio, TX, next week. I'd be happy to take some of your information with me. Is that feasible?

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