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What is going on in my community?
Mark Robinson of Zip code 90047

  Hi, my name is Betty of Birmingham, AL and I listened to a representative of NBCU speak last week about how this organization plan to help young men "lost" and hanging out all day, by sending them away to other urban cities; how does this help them?

Thank you Betty for your email. Let me begin by asking which representative did you speak with? From Chicago (our headquarters) we have over 20 predominately Black communities organized to help: lead, guide and direct 20 U.S. cities across America toward grassroot unity and cohesion. Birmingham is strategically linked to Chicago's West Humboldt Park Community, where the population is over 77,500 and violence is running rampant.
To answer your question, NBCU feels that no community can solve the problems plaguing Urban America without widespread support. The most powerful government on earth (USA) has not been able to solve these problems of young men hanging out, unemployment, dropouts, violence, obesity, HIV/AIDS, so we decided to embark on a grassroot campaign of zoning out 12-20 block areas (Villages) across America and helping to install 6 departments within these zoned out areas. A Youth Department, Safety Department, Senior Citizen Department, Health Department, Education Department, Economic Department, all controlled by the local residents living within that 12-20 block area. This process gives "purpose" to those young men "hanging out" living "day by day" lives. Under this proposal we have designed a "role" for everyone to play locally. The purpose of linking 20 Chicago neighborhoods to 20 U.S. cities is to provide an "outlet" for psychological reasons. The young men in Birmingham will travel to Chicago's West Humboldt Park Community on a regular basis to help: build, support, and sustain the Village Concept here and we shall deploy our young men from West Humboldt Park to Birmingham to do the same for you guys. What this does is, it creates a sense of belonging and feeling important to the young men. The talk in local barbershops will begin to change from "local talk" to "national talk" and eventually global talk. Travel is the key and while traveling we are putting them in a position of "helping others" and this can lead to GREAT THINGS. Please call 1 800 861-6541 for more details.

Thank you again Betty in Birmingham, AL

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