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What is going on in my community?
Mark Robinson of Zip code 90047

  Thank you for your question about what NBCU can do regarding young men hanging out on your street corner, from your email you live on Detroit's west side. We can begin by asking you to identify three other concerned residents on your block (could be family members) and to contact us at 1 800 861-6541. What we will do is: remotely organize 12-20 blocks in your community and then work to establish 7 committed teenagers to help us establish a "Village". Out of the 7 teenagers, one will become the ranking leader called Village Mayor (rank L3). The other 6 teens will become (rank L2) leaders of your newly created Youth Department (D300), Public Safety Department (D400), Senior Citizen Department (D500), Health Department (D600), Education Department (D700), & Economic Department (D800). The teens will be trained by Chicago teenagers on how to manage each department. The young men hanging out will then be recruited to join in making the Village productive from 6 different perspectives (keeping them busy). Chicago's 60609 (New City Community) is responsible to Detroit, so they will offer assistance to you guys and also provide deployment opportunities to your Village. The Deployment Program is beneficial because those 4-5 guys could leave that street corner and be in Chicago learning how to become productive citizens, so when they return to Detroit they have learned something new and relevant. If you would like to learn more about what I am talking about please contact us.

Thank you Ms. Davis of Detroit, Michigan 48214

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