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What is going on in my community?
Mark Robinson of Zip code 90047

  What is wrong with Urban America?

To truly answer this question, one would have to know, what angle are you speaking about, but I think I understand where you are coming from. During ten years of research and door to door campaigning in Urban America, I believe the homicide rate, graduation rate, HIV/AIDS rate, homeless rate, unemployment rate, incarceration rate, obesity rate, etc are all interconnected. The debate can easily go in three directions; prevention, resources, enforcement, but I like to talk solutions. We understand that the plight of Urban America has been to the benefit to others, however at some point we must look at internal resolutions and accountability. Each issue raised earlier affects people, those people live somewhere (block) and we have institutions designed to combat various issues, but we lack the infrastructure to deliver simultaneously (with concentrated power) to the affected population. Our lack of being well-organized to maximize the on-hand resources has been to our overall detriment. Example; in Chicago, Illinois over $1.5 billion dollars was gambled to the Illinois Lottery from just 20 predominately African American Communities from 2001-2005, this represents a small portion of the mis-management of resources that plague urban citizens across America. Stay tuned for more details on our research-driven remedies.

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