NBCU has 3 guiding principals that we have developed into patterns of thinking or concepts. Our existence is based on people, incidents, and behavior. To ensure success in our mission, we assess every person based on the "3 P's". The 3 P's are:

Every person has a something that makes him or her excited, whether he or she is conscious of it or not; NBCU works to identify that passion block by block. The industries are:

Arts (23, 37) Business (29,52)
Communications (39, 44) Construction (09)
Science (12, 19) Service (17, 28, 43)
Technology (21)  
NBCU has developed relationships with 7 career industries to partner with, to ensure there is a link between every block in our target area and various career professionals. This linkage allows us to ensure that every person with a passion will also have a position to fulfill in his or her community. Additionally each position will allow streamlined linkage between high and middle income citizen to low and disenfranchised residents. Everyone will ultimately belong to one of the more than a dozen Village Clubs; example. Lawyers Club, Doctors Club, Flight Attendant's Club. The more experienced members of each club will mentor the less experienced members in his or her position to ensure development. Under this concept a 14 year old in a low income neighborhood that desires to be a lawyer will now have access to a professional lawyer through our Village Lawyer Club.
NBCU operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. WE NEVER CLOSE. To fulfill such a demanding schedule, We expect all volunteers, staff, and others to commit to ONE DAY per month of service to others. This service day is called your "DUTY DAY". You should request from your mentor the specific day of each month that you will "play". This concept helps us ensure "no burnout of residents" and shared responsibilities.
Designed by: Sheryl & Yo