U.S. Summit is Sat, Oct 26th, at 3-5pm cst Chgo, IL 60649 Conference Call Only.


Life Saving Donations

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


All donations allow us to focus on combating violence across 167 of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

In Chicago, a person was shot every 2 hours in 2016 (every 3 hours in 2015). 

Help us do more by telling a family or friend about us. 

Your donation of at least $12.00  helps prevent a person from being shot for 24 hours in Chicago and longer in safer U.S. cities. 

Thank you for doing something.

NBCU 2019 U.S. Income Snapshot

Grand Total U.S. Income $ 2,087.00

NBCU 2018 U.S. Income Snapshot

Grand Total U.S. Income $ 3,146.00

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2017 Grand U.S. Income Total $ 4,140.40

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2017 Grand U.S. Total Expenses $ 21,226.09