U.S. Summit is Sat, Sept 28th, at 3-5pm cst Chgo, IL 60644 Conference Call Only.

Team 7 Hunger


Chef and Caterers

HQ in Birmingham AL

Helping to introduce chefs and their businesses to residents block by block can help reduce violence by boosting the zip code economy.  Just like Patty Cake Connections of 60636.  There is a monthly meeting every 1st Sunday  of each month at 4pm cst.

Real Bread Pudding


HQ in San Diego, CA

Gardening is a hidden gem in combating so called food deserts but also putting people to work. Chicago's West Englewood is our national base for all gardening operations. There are many gardening meetings each month. Every 3rd Friday and 3rd Saturday are most of these meetings. 

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HQ in Birmingham, AL

Team 7 is made up of restaurants in our communities that care about the doing it's part to make the area safer. There is a monthly meeting every 1st Sunday each month at 2pm cst.

Litehouse Whole Food Grill

Food Pantres

Ensuring no one goes hungry at all.