U.S. Summit is Sat, December 15, at Lily of Valley 257 W. 47th 3-5pm Chgo, IL 60609

Team 8 Legal


HQ in St. Louis MO

We are constantly seeking retired attorney's, adult attorney's, and youth desiring to become attorney's. We seek to to build self confidence and keep our youth focused on the future. There is a mock teen trial ever 4th Tuesday each month at 12pm cst.

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HQ in Memphis, TN 

Just like the lawyers, we are seeking retired judges, adult judges, and youth that desire to become judges. There  is a monthly meeting on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 4pm cst.

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HQ in St. Paul, MN

Combating violence is easier with elected officials that are working in concert with the local community. Here we meet every 2nd Friday of each month at 4pm cst. 

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Mock Trial Chgo 2007

Check out this great video


Check out this great video