U.S. Summit is Sat, D 28th, at 3-5pm cst Chgo, IL 60609 Conference Call Only.

West Side of Chicago

East Garfield Park Neighborhood


District 104 is led by Jasmine Jackson. She oversees:

Medical Science Network

Science Fair Network

Biology Network

Neuro Science Network

North Lawndale Neighborhood


District 100 is led by Karen Armstead. She oversees:

Kindergarten University Network

Entertainment Network

North Chicago, IL Network

Navy Network

Garfield Park ( S ) Neighborhood


District 119 is led by Ernest Rolland. He oversees:

Day Spa Network

Karate/Wrestling Network

Air Force/Army Network

Coast Guard  Network

Garfield Park ( N ) Neighborhood


District 125 is led by Donna McCamey. She oversees:

Fire Fighting Network

Marines Network

Police Network

Trash/Snow Removal Network

North Austin Neighborhood


District 111 is led by Hydress Middleton. She oversees:

Highland Park, IL Network

Journalism Network

Poetry Network

Sewing Network

South Austin Neighborhood


District 138 is led by Mary Luster. She oversees:

Judges Network

Lawyers Network

Suburban Network

U.S. Lawyer Network

West Humboldt Park Neighborhood


District 131 is led by Edie Jacobs. She oversees:

Catering Network

Chef Network

Food Pantry Network

Restaurant Network

South Side of Chicago

New City Neighborhood


District 2 is led by Otis Davis. He oversees:

Auto Mechanic Network

Bricklayers Network

Carpenters Network

Plumber/Painter Network

Auburn Gresham Neighborhood


District 3 is led by Charles Gordon. He oversees:

1st Grade University Network

10th Grade University Network

Liquor Store Network

Veterinarian Network

Englewood Neighborhood ( N )


District 6 is led by Rasenia Hogan-Collins. She oversees:

Clarendon Hills, IL Network

Franklin Park,IL Network

Lisle, IL Network

River Grove, IL Network

Englewood Neighborhood ( S )


District 5 is led by Karen Clark. She oversees:

11th Grade University Network

Computer Repair Network

Engineer Network

Technology Network

Gage Park Neighborhood


District 10 is led by Terry Graham. She oversees: 

Apparel Network

Hinsdale, IL Network

LaGrange, IL Network

Waukegan, IL  Network

Marquette Park Neighborhood


District 8 is led by Brittany Corners. She oversees:

Beauty Supply Network

Gas Station Network

Suburban Gas Station Network

U.S. Corner Store Network

Chicago Lawn Neighborhood


District 9 is led by Sakeenya  Courtney. She oversees:

Corner Store Network

Great Lakes, IL  Network

Landscaping Network

Nail Salon Network

West Englewood Neighborhood


District 13 is led by Sherrod Anderson. He oversees:

Broccoli Garden Network

Hanover Park, IL Network

Naperville, IL Network

Tomatoes Garden Network

West Englewood Neighborhood


District 14 is led by Tangie  Booker. She oversees:

Aurora, IL Network

Bensenville, IL Network

Cucumbers Garden Network

Schaumburg, IL Network

West Englewood Neighborhood


District 15 is led by Karen Taplett. She oversees: 

Carrots Garden Nettwork

Collard Green Network

Electricians Network

Elgin, IL Network

West Englewood Neighborhood


District 19 is led by Jesse Morris. He oversees:

Beets Garden Network

Cabbage Garden Network

Corn Garden Network

Fishing Network

Ashburn Neighborhood


District 23a is led by Julian Sample. He oversees:

Cleaners  Network

Green Bean Garden Network

Southeast Side of Chicago

Washington Park Neighborhood


District 50 is led by Ayesha Burnett. She oversees:

2nd Grade University Network

4th Grade University Network

Travel Network

Winnetka, IL Network

Calumet Heights Neighborhood


District 53 is led by Rosalind King. She oversees: 

3rd Grade University Network

7th Grade University Network

9th Grade University  Network

12th Grade University Network

Chatham Neighborhood


District 55 is led by Theresa Williams. She oversees:

5th Grade University Network

Missing Person Network

Unsolved Cases Network

U.S. Missing Persons Network

Roseland Neighborhood


District 56 is led by Kim Van Pelt. She oversees:

8th Grade University Network

Barbers-Beauticians-Lounge owners-Day Care owners- Car Wash owners Network

Cellular Phone Store Network

U.S. Gas Stations Network

Woodlawn Neighborhood ( N )


District 63 is led by Minister  Plump. He oversees: 

K-3rd Grade Support Network

Disc Jockey Network

Photographer Network

U.S. Liquor Store Network

Woodlawn Neighborhood ( S )


District 55 is led by Evelyn Johnson. She oversees:

4-6th Grade Support Network

7-8th Grade Support Network

9-12th Grade Support Network

Tourism Network

Washington Heights Neighborhood


District 23a is led by Julian Sample. He oversees:

Cleaners Network

Green Bean Garden Network

South Shore Neighborhood


District 68 is led by Sherry Barner. She oversees:

Kenilworth, IL Network

Lettuce Network

Marketing Network

Sales Network

Bronzeville Neighborhood


District 70 is led by Rashad Prinkleton. He oversees:

Broccoli Garden Network

Clerical Network

Itasca, IL Network

Librarian/Authors  Network